Bad news: LL broke the access to the events for slmic scripts. So SLMIC will shut down soon and the inworld event listers are useless now.

Land Sale

December, 12th 2009: I am going to sell all land in Yongnam and Jingi now. If you are interested to get all the land at once, please send an email to Bibi.Book(at)googlemail.com as I think lots of inworld IMs go lost. And if I am not online and you do not receive IMs to mail as most people in Second Life don't, you might not receive my answer anyway.

Here is a list of some of the parcels. Fans may also go there and take some last photos.

Old Main Page

The SL Music Information Center (SLMIC) is dedicated to the musicians playing in Second Life® (SL). We will give Information about the artists inworld and here in the web.

Over all the SLMIC consist of three parts:

  • the stream with music by the musicians
  • the inworld SLMIC, where the current artist on stream and song title are displayed and you can easily get info about the artist - including their next events.
  • this web site, where you can read information, see which artists will play live next and directly jump into events

Please visit us again to see the progress! If you are an artist and want more information or a user who just wants to help or has suggestions, please IM Bibi Book inworld or at googlemail.com.

Human Rights Special

On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This year it will have its sixtieth anniversary.

You will find the full declaration in english at The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights page and in many other languages linked from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights translation page.

An anniversary always is a reason to celebrate and to think about what happend.

We want you to create projects to celebrate the anniversary and discuss the human rights and how they are realized or in danger or what they mean for our societies. Please read more in our Human Rights Special.

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